Vobis provides the high quality EPP and EPS Foam Molding Machines, combining Chinese manufacture for cost efficiency with the highest quality critical German built components; this ensures high energy efficiency, full digital proportional control, with complete plant-wide integration services available and a special model for quick mold change-outs.

Our systems have several advantages over similar offerings:

  • Our shape molding process is based on Germany technology, shape molding under low temperature and low pressure, demolding in high temperature for low energy consumption and shorter cycle times for high production efficiency.
  • Most of our EPP and EPS foam molding machines critical components (such as valves, controls, etc.) are imported brands from Germany to ensure equipment quality and long operational life

Contact us or see the following pages for more details on our solution capabilities for EPP and EPS foam molding:

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Headquartered in Easton,  Pennsylvania, USA  

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