Our EPP Foam Molding Machines have several technical design advantages over similar offerings:

  • Mutiple-points steam heating in the molding chamber, to achieve even distribution of the steam  in the steam chamber
  • Special mold-locking structure to ensure necessary locking strength with a symmetrical hydraulic cylinder to shorten the time necessary to open/close the mold
  • Balance guiding columns in the steam chamber of our moveable press frame to lock the position in either open or closed
  • Our EPP Foam Molding Machines incorporate a high efficiency condenser with an independent vacuum cooling system
  • The equipment control system uses full digital proportional control, providing precise control of production energy consumption
  • Using a large diameter valve offers necessary capacity in an instant, shortening the cycle time
  • The steam chamber uses special thermal insulation material to realize the insulation of the cavity
  • The main rod can be disassembled independently